Artist Bio

Name: Joshua Tompke , AKA EvilChihuahua.

Birth date: May 21st, 1991

Family: Two parents, and a sister and a brother.

Marital Status: Single.  : (

Occupation: Ex-Lumberjack's minion. (long story)

Favorite Color: Puce. (Heh, I bet you don't even know what it is)

Favorite Movies: Return of the King, Extreme Days, M P's Holy Grail

Favorite Animes: Beck, Bleach, Naruto, FLCL.

Hobbies: Electric Guitar, Webcomickry, eating, sleeping.

Favorite Bands: Autopilot Off, The All-American Rejects, Sum 41, Billy Talent, Switchfoot, My Chemical Romance, Relient K, Midtown, Acceptance, Chronic Future, Jimmy Eat World, The Exies.

Favorite Author: Terry Pratchett.


The artist discovered webcomics when G4TV's (then TechTV's) X Play covered a story concerning Penny Arcade's Child's Play Charity. He then went to Penny Arcade's site. He read the strip for quite a while, but didn't branch out into other comics, due to the fact that Penny Arcade had no links page.

Several months later, Josh found Scott Ramsoonair's VGCats, (Don't ask him how, he can't remember.) Since that comic had a hugemongous links page, He was soon reading webcomics en masse.

During this time, he began writing a comic strip in a notebook, affectionately titled "Crap From EC." The strip's audience consisted mainly of his brother, and occasionally other family members or acquaintances. He wrote over a hundred comics, before finally discovering Comic Genesis, and re-releasing the strip under the title "Angst is a Five Letter Word".

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