Since no one else is available, Josh'll have to do as the hero of the story. Home schooled since birth, He's reasonably sure he's smarter than everybody else, and likes to look condescendingly down his glasses whenever people of lesser intellect are around. Therefore, he tends to do so quite often. Hey, it was either being arrogant or being Emo, and arrogant guys get more girls.

A middle child to the bone, Josh's hobbies include all things artistic, including writing, playing guitar, drawing, singing, (badly) and worrying his parents.

This balance of a vivid imagination and intellectual prowess also led to the creation of Chang.



Chang is a corporeal manifestation of Josh's subconscious, and is what is known (at least to me) as a Chibi Shoulder-Being. His name is a mixture of the words "Chibi" and "Angst"

Chang is actually  pretty playful most of the time, except for when Josh encounters a moral dilemma. In such situations, he picks the opposite side of the argument that Josh leans towards, and acts as a sort of debating opponent, helping Josh see all sides of the argument.

It seems that so far no-one but Josh can actually see Chang, so may be that Josh is simply a little crazier than most home schoolers.


Minor Characters


Josh's brother, Deron is the  resident gamer of the family, playing video games whenever the opportunity arises. His interests so often clash with Josh's that the two tend to disagree on almost everything. His taste in music ( The Police, The Tragically Hip, and Journey) in particular.



A freelance Interrogationist, Steve was hired by Yum-E-Fun Industries to extract information concerning Josh's secret potato formula from him during the "Zen Master" story arc.

Steve probably died when the Yum-E-Fun building exploded, but you never know...

Bart Farkas

The Supreme Dictator (He liked the title a lot better than 'CEO') of Yum-E-Fun Industries, Mr. Farkas ordered the kidnapping and interrogation of Josh in order to ascertain the ingredients to his mashed potato formula.

He also likely died in the explosion of the Yum-E-Fun building.

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