Just a page where I link to the comics I read. Check them out, I implore you. Please know that the order I put them is not relative to how much I like them. Also, note that I borrowed many of the link banners ( for comics with no banner available at their site.) From Garth of Comedity. His comic is on this page, so check it out. Also, many of these comics have some offensive content (though no ual content.) So I'm saying surf at your own risk.

Comics I Read

Probably the most widely-read webcomic out there. About a crazy gamer and a gamer.


Fred Gallagher's mega-hit, a story about two American gamers stuck in Japan. There's both comedy and romance in the comic, though the focus has been romance as of late. Dark Horse comics has recently begun publishing some of the comic, so you know the quality is top-notch.


A bunch of college dudes hanging around. A simple and popular genre, but one that Mac Hall is the king of. Unfortunately, the artist has announced that the comic will not continue in it's present form. (whatever that means...)


A comic surrounding the lives of the employees of a gaming magazine. Its actually won an Eisner Award.


A story about a crazy Mac-lover and his friends. It started out pretty slice-of-life, but now the main character has built a Mac robot-girl, soooo....not so much.


Don't let the name fool you. There's time travel, Mechs, EVA's, Space Stations, alternate dimensions, and repeated breaking of the Fourth Wall.


The characters are almost identical to Penny Arcade, as is the humor, but it's still a brilliant comic.


This comic is SO FUNNY!!! The art is so ridiculous that you're laughing before you even read the dialogue,  which, by the time you're halfway down the page, has you rolling around on the floor.


Sam and Fuzzy is definitely among the funniest comics I read. About a taxi driver and his friend, a psychotic midget bear. Also included: a cat named Butcher, and her secret royal lover Alphonso, a possessed fridge, mafia ninjas, and an incredibly offensive metal band called Noosehead.


A bunch of Indie music lovers hanging around. The quick, snappy dialogue, packed with obscure references, reminds me strongly of Gilmore Girls.


One of the cutest comics I have ever read. About a girl, her single mom, and their imaginary friend, Ship.


This comic has some of the best art I've ever seen in a webcomic.


A wonderful romp through the artist's brain. I particularly like the way he represents his subconscious as a committee.


A story about a cynical seer and his companions. A great read, If you can stand the puns.


Do not write off this comic because of it's content. The art is easily the best in any comic online, and the writer captures your attention quickly and just won't let go. The site it's hosted on also has several other comics, including the artist's other comic, Grim Tales From Down Below, as well as several series that are just starting out. (T.W., Ever After, and Invader Zim: Manifest Doom.) I recommend checking all of them out.


Great art, and hilarious dialogue, though I still can't seem to get the plot.


An interesting take on the mutant/superhero genre. It's finished now!


I read the first version of the comic, and now its new....and improved! About a couple of guys who make an Indie comic called "Best-Man", and their friends.


A really well-done comic. I'd recommend it unless you really hate fantasy.


The funniest superhero comic I have ever read. Seriously, I like reading this better than Ultimate Spider-Man.


A comic I don't hear mentioned very often. That's a shame, because it's well written, with a clean, simplistic art style.


Another one you don't hear about too often. Very interesting plot.


Other ComicGenesis Comics

Some other comics that use my webhost, ComicGenesis, or are prominent members of the ComicGenesis Forum Community.

Ninja John


Webcomic Tools

Here are a bunch of sites I find useful in making my webcomic.

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