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A Few Quick Guidelines

First of all, thanks for taking the time to contact me. That said, lets get some stuff out of the way first. I'll accept any comments you may have about the comic, whether it be praise or criticism. Its probably easier to drop a quick comment in the tagboard on my main page, but If you're a little more long-winded, then I'd really appreciate an email. My one request, if you're going to bash my comic, is that you do so in a clear and legible fashion.

For instance, I'm more likely to appreciate a message that reads, "Hey, read your comic. It's alright, but I really think you could try and improve in _____ area" than, "L0LZRZ, WTF, YUR C0M1C SUXX0RZZZZ(ZZZ....)!!!1!!111!" 

Links: If you are gonna ask me to link to your comic, then think about it first. Ask yourself: Would people who like AIAFLW like my comic? Is my comic up to the level of quality you feel deserves a link? In the end, I'm only gonna link to comics I find entertaining. Or who link to me.

Fanart: First of all....  I LOVE FANART!!! SEND ME LOTS!!!

Okay, seriously, I do love fanart, but there are a few quick guidelines I'm gonna have to ask you to consider. First of all, I ask that all fanart be PG. No swearing, be tasteful please.  I wanna be able to show any fanart I get off, and a lot of my readers are still family members and friends, including my Dad, who's a pastor.

Anyway, All fanart I get will be put in the gallery (when I get one) with a link to the artist's site, If they have one, so please tell me your URL in the email if you have one. In fact, I wasn't even aware that the artist of the first fanart I got had  a site, until he linked to me and I noticed him in my Referrers.


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